Whit Friday Marches

What a day!

Members of CBBB joined forces with members from University bands, Staffordshire Band and others to form a scratch band for this year’s Whit Friday contest.

With some singing rehearsals and marching instructions on the coach we were ready to start the day.

Registering at Staleybridge we performed our first rendition of Sweet Caroline and Punchinello to a small crowd. The scratch band then moved on to Heyrod, Mossley, Friezland, Uppermill and Delph to finish. As the evening went on the crowds got bigger and the streets were lined with people singing along!

It was fantastic to be part of this event after Covid halted proceedings over the last couple of years and to see so many bands coming together for such a fun occasion.

Thanks to everyone who joined the scratch band and for making it a day to remember.

Competition success!

A great success at today’s competition as we were awarded 2nd place in the third section of the Midlands Area contest!

This also means that we qualify for the National Competition in September (the second time in 2 years!). We were absolutely delighted with the result following our recent promotion to the third section.

The band put in a solid performance and all the hard work paid off. Our thanks go to our Musical Director Saph for guiding us through the rehearsals and preparation in some difficult times. Covid has made rehearsals and getting together a real challenge for all brass bands. For every band taking part it’s a huge achievement just to be able to perform once again.

Now the hard work starts as we head look towards our gigs and events throughout the summer season and preparing for the National competition in September…

Birmingham Brass secures a place at the Nationals

We’re over the moon to have taken second place in the 4th section at yesterday’s Midlands Area Brass Band Championships!

Whilst everyone else cheered on the announcement of their results we were a bit stunned to silence…

The result was well deserved as the band put in an excellent performance of ‘Neverland’ at Kenilworth. A huge thank you to all band members for putting in the hard work over the last few months which really paid off.

A thank you also goes our to our Musical Director Saphran Ali who guided us through, gave us the direction we needed and brought the band together to secure our place at the Nationals Competition later this year.

We’re off to Cheltenham in September!

Less than a month until the Areas

It’s less that a month until the Midlands Regional Championships at Kenilworth.

The band are working hard together on the test piece ‘Neverland’ in preparation and we are looking forward to putting in a good performance.

We’re pleased to have some new faces in the rehearsal room who have brought a great sound to the band. We’re particularly looking for another percussionist for the contest but, whatever you play, if you’d like to join our friendly and busy band then do get in touch. We’ll soon be getting stuck in to our summer concert programme!

A cold January weekend in Skegness…

…there’s nothing like it!

We always look forward to the Butlin’s Mineworkers Brass Band Festival and this year did not disappoint.

Good friends as well as fantastic brass bands made the weekend one to remember. The highlights were watching the bands compete, and we’d like to say a huge well done to everyone who took part from 4th section to Championship.

The Baritone section of CBBB were particularly delighted to see their comrades featured in the Championship test piece and a jazz baritone solo in the Louis Dowdeswell Big Band. An underrated instrument and obviously the best section in any brass band (…writes the baritone player).

Delicious home-cooked meals, amusement arcades and the beach in winter rounded off the music-filled weekend.

For the last 3 years we’ve been attending the festival socially, not competing but to spend time together. We look forward to 2021, maybe you’ll be joining us?

Butlins Minworkers Championships

CBBB join hundreds of other bands at Butlins in Skegness for the National Brass Band Festival.  The band won’t be competing but are looking forward to the food, drink and being entertained!

Area Contest 2nd place!!

Six members of City of Birmingham Brass Band smiling holding a trohpy

The City of Birmingham Brass Band are very proud to have achieved 2nd place in the West Midlands Brass Band Association Area Contest 2018 (4th section), held on March 11th. Drawn to play number 1 it was somewhat of a rush to get to the the performance venue in Bedworth from the rehearsal room in Bulkington but if anything having less time to think about it maybe helped to quell any nerves and the band played confidently, with a balanced warm tone, good intonation and assured soloists (from the adjudicators’ comments). The band are thrilled with the result and looking forward to the Nationals for the first time in quite a few years!