CBBB needs your nomination

The last year has been a real struggle for our band. Covid-19 put an immediate halt on gigs and concerts which are the primary source of our charity’s income. There’s still uncertainty around future restrictions which could mean the cancellation of yet more gigs and so we really need your help.

Please nominate our charity and we could be awarded £1,000 in Ecclesiastical’s 12 days of giving. £1,000 would make a huge difference to us and allow us to put on concerts for the community, repair instruments, purchase music and continue supporting our players. This band is so important to us all as a place to be with friends and to make music together. Sharing music with the community is at the core of what we do and your support would allow us to continue doing what we love.

All you have to do click the banner below, select ‘heritage arts’ as the charity type and fill in a (very) short form to nominate CBBB to receive this award. The more nominations we get the more chance we have to receive £1,000. Please complete your nomination by midnight on the 5th December so that we register for the draw.

Click the banner below to complete your nomination and once you’ve done so, please share!

Thank you.

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