The Band started life as the Fisher & Ludlow Works Band, having been set up during the Second World War by and for the car body manufacturing company’s workers.

During the war, the factory’s manufacturing activities were diverted to making aeroplane wings, shell cases and bombs, notably for Lancasters. Towards the end of the war, the factory in central Birmingham was bombed and destroyed. Fisher & Ludlow moved into the Spitfire factory in Castle Bromwich and became the first post war owners of the factory. The band moved with them and continued to thrive.

Following the merger of Fisher & Ludlow with the Pressed Steel Company in 1966, the band changed its name to become the Pressed Steel Fisher Band.

Using the player below you can listen to a brief excerpt of the Fisher & Ludlow band performing “Lorenzo” in 1964 at a competition in Wolverhampton Town Hall. We thank Mick Youngman for kindly sending us the recording.

In 1976 the band’s major contribution to civic life was recognised by the city council; and they have been known as City of Birmingham Brass Band ever since.

In recent times the band has gone on to produce 2 CDs: “Playin’ in the Rain” in 1999 and “All Brass” in 2006. In 2010 the band moved home to Joseph Chamberlain College, in 2019 to Moseley All Services Club and now in 2020 to Selly Park Tavern. The band continues to be at the heart of the Birmingham music scene.